The Fluvanna Penguin Plunge

All Fools Day

This year, “All Fools Day” falls on February 20th. This auspicious date is celebrated by a gathering of Fools, who without regard to their personal well-being, will jump into the ice cold, freezing waters of Lake Monticello. The purpose of this foolish endeavor is to encourage the non-Fools to make monetary contributions to support several worthy local organizations.

I have again volunteered to be the Official Company Fool and will make the leap into the could depths of the lake. Don’t be foolhardy like the Fools, take the non-foolish approach by simply making a donation in any amount, in cash or check, to “Fluvanna Penguin Plunge.” Your efforts will provide personal satisfaction, help local organizations, and most importantly, allow you to stay warm.

Thanks for your warm support,


Benefiting Organizations:

  • Fluvanna Habitat for Humanity
  • Fluvanna SPCA
  • Fluvanna Meals on Wheels
  • Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue
  • FAST

For more information, please visit Fluvanna Penguin Plunge

Fluvanna Penguin Plunge