Low Cost Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There is a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Many people eagerly await some trinket or gesture of love from their mate. Others feel pressure to deliver romance. Valentine’s Day is about showing the ones you love how much you care. Unfortunately, businesses have hijacked the holiday, much like they did with Christmas, to make money selling stuff we’re told will show our love. But real love doesn’t need to be expressed with expensive doo-dads. Here are Valentine’s Day ideas that are not only affordable, but also can be more romantic and loving as well.

Valentines Day Ideas for Couples

1) Cook dinner together. Making your romantic meal as a couple not only gives you time together, but also cooking can be a sensual experience.

2) Write a note. You don’t need a card to express your love. Instead, handwrite a love note or share a list of things you love about your mate. If you do buy a card, write a note inside. A card with only a signature doesn’t mean as much as a personalized note.

3) Instead of flowers, give a potted plant. They last longer than cut flowers.

4) Have a video movie night. You can get free movie videos at the library. Or check your cable network for free on-demand movies and shows.

5) Reminisce. Couples who have been together for a long time often get so caught up their daily lives that they forget all the wonderful things them brought them together. Watch old family videos or go through old pictures. You can even recreate your first date.

6) Do something for your mate. Take on a task or chore your mate doesn’t enjoy such as cooking, doing the laundry or taking out the trash.

Valentines Day Ideas for Children

1) Have a red and pink dinner. Spaghetti, strawberry milk, red grapes and sugar cookies with pink frosting are kid-friendly and the colors (red and pink) are Valentine’s Day inspired.

2) Bake Valentine’s Day treats. Kids love time with parents and baked goodies.

3) Make a 3-D pop-up Valentine’s Day card with your children. DLTK has the plans here.

4) Leave love notes around the house. Share not only that you love your child, but specific things you admire or are proud of about your child.

5) Play games. Kids will tell you they like presents, but more than anything, kids like time with parents. Let your child choose a game or activity and do it with him/her.